The Denver International Festival is Colorado’s biggest culinary event for international cuisines.  25+ international food trucks are carefully selected and curated to take you on a culinary trip around the world.  Foodies will smell the aroma of Asian and African spices, sample the savory flavors of Mediterranean and European fair, and indulge in exotic dishes of Latin America.

2022 Vendors include:

1.Adobo (Phillipines)

2.Lazo (Argentina)

3.Msosi Kenyan (Kenya)

4.Halal Guys (Middle East)

5.Korean BBQ (Korea)

6.Taste Of Soweto (South Africa)

7.We Chef Kitchen (Asian Fusion)

8.Downtown Fingers (USA)

9.Roll It Up Sushi (Japan)

10.Simply Le Crepes (France)

11.Reggae Pot Jamaican Grill (Jamaica)

12.Pierogies (Poland)

13.Ethiopian Food Truck (Ethiopia)

  1. Pupusas Food Truck (El Salvador)
  2. Big Sister Thai/Mile High Thai (Thailand)
  3. Amore Pizza (Italy)
  4. Chivis Tacos (Mexico)
  5. Flavor of Tabasco (Tabasco Mexico)
  6. Paradise Tavern (India)
  7. Tibetan Momo (Tibet)
  8. Venezuelan Flavor (Venezuela)
  9. Goudy’s French Cuisine (France)
  10. TacoWich (Taco/Sandwiches)


  1. Kona Ice (Shaved Ice)
  2. Eskimo Bros. (Nitro Ice Cream)
  3. Lucky Mary’s Baking and Sweets Company (Baked Goods/Sweets)
  4. Tha Moovment (Aguas Caliente)
  5. J & S Pineapple Xpress (Tropical drinks/Salads)
  6. La Carola (Fresh Fruit Juice)
  7. Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt (Rice Yougurt)
  8. Peaceful Creations (Ice Cream)

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